Clash of Clans: The greatest ideas

Defense in Clash of Clans

At the start you are only attacked by the computer, nevertheless, you should establish a good defense strategy so your collected gold does not break down in surroundings.
Defense devices: Do not build the defense systems straight against the outermost wall as they are attacked and destroyed right after a tear.
Several wall surfaces: Also beneficial is the usage of double wall surfaces, since two wall breakers are needed. However , you are able to usually find the money for this extravagance only for level eight.
Build tight: Especially in the starting you should arrange your structures so that as some of them as possible are a defense system. Several buildings can be protected simultaneously. If you have several defenses in the future, the thin construction can be resolved.

Look for the episode

Not only defense is essential in Clash of Clans Hack Android . Also during the harm you should consider some things for the time being.
Solutions: Before carrying on to an assault, you should look into the number of methods your opposition has. If the potential show is rather slim, it is barely worth the time and effort of a siege, and it is only risk.
Security: Also check how solid your adversary is in protection. Look thoroughly at the castle, look for weakened spots, and appreciate the up grade status from the defenses, if you are up to the challenger at all.
Tribe: Caution with opponents that have a clan castle. When it is too near the Clanburg, it can request assistance very quickly. Likewise the following retribution actions should not be under-rated.

The best wall building
If possible, not only develop a double wall, but make an effort to protect the buildings according to the box principle. Do not basically build a wall around each building, although try to covers as many individual buildings as is possible with your own walls. At first you need to assemble a lot of buildings and after that wall as a group, be it natural or processed.

The right structure of the complexes

To ensure that you usually do not suffer a lot damage during an harm, the buildings should be put correctly.
Outdoor: Place the setting up, barracks, storage facility, laboratory and clan fortress outside the wall surfaces. These can get grasped devoid of further outcomes and primary steer away from interior of the castle. Bear in mind, however , that the buildings can still be contacted through security facilities.
Mitte: The town corridor and the money warehouse should be as central as possible. You need to pay particular attention to the two of these buildings.
Inside: Around the area hall as well as the gold storage place should stick to the production buildings and the defense systems.

Obtain jewels

To get more quickly in the game the jewels are certainly important. You will discover two ways to get this without money.
Problems: Again and again innovative obstacles just like trees or rocks appear on the map. Remove these kinds of, so oftentimes jewels happen to be underneath. Admittedly, you will not become a jeweler’s millionaire, but that is a great way to collect a few jewels.
Clans: Get into a good clan. The very best three races regularly get a certain range of jewels, that are then divided among all people.